Three Years

Three years ago today, my life changed forever. After about 6 months of trying to figure out the why, they when, and the how – we had our first birthday party.

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Three years ago this morning, I had no idea of what would happen in the next 12 hours. No idea that my heart would be permanently etched with the memories of a birthday party at Safe Harbor. I could have never dreamed of where we are today, the opportunities we have been privileged enough to provide our children, and the people we’ve had the honor of working alongside.



In three years, a lot has changed. We’ve celebrated thousands of lives and have been able to walk alongside our children as they navigate their lives, fostering love and celebration in their hearts.

Three years ago, I would have never believed you if you would have told me that I would be balancing a “normal” college experience, with throwing birthday parties every week, managing two interns, countless meetings, speaking engagements, conference calls, making meticulous case notes, and all the other things I do day in and day out.

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In fact, if you had told me that three years ago, I would have vehemently denied it, citing the fact that I wouldn’t want to do that. However, three years ago – I was an idiot. These past three years have been the greatest adventure of my life and we are just getting started.

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Three years ago, we were just getting strapped into the roller coaster. We are still making that initial climb, anticipatory of what will come. In a few months, after making some carefully calculated decisions and prayerfully seeking what is next for our organization, we will throw our hands up, let the wind fly through our hair, and squeal with delight as we watch our programs bring more joy and love to the lives of our children.


Thank you for being apart of this. Thank you for the past three years. Here’s to three hundred more.


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