Mark your calendars….This Saturday we are throwing a party at the most amazing gym in Richmond. I had a private training session with Miss Erica herself yesterday ( I figured if I was coercing all y’all to come out, I should probably know what you’re in for.) and now that I know…GET. EXCITED.

a) you’re doing to get an amazing workout and leave feeling like a badass.

b) you’re going to feel like the coolest Richmonder because you’ve found the gym Rocky {would have} trained in, had he ever visited RVA.

c) there is going to be free coffee (courtesy of Starbucks) and carbs (courtesy of Panera). Where there is free food, there is joy and most likely, a killer party.

d) We are giving a way a MEMBERSHIP to Endorphasm so you can feel like a badass for a whole year, Lululemon swag (I think it might a conflict of interest if I put my name on a raffle ticket and draw for it, so your chances of winning just went up!), and a few sessions with a masseuse (I have no qualms about “conflicts of interest” here. #sorryboutcha.)

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday, so put your party pants on and let’s celebrate! RVA at Endorphasm!