Emily Steffen Shop

I have found one of the sweetest, most delightful shops around and I am so excited to share it with y’all today! I found Emily on Etsy and immediately reached out, thinking that she may be able to make all my gold/sparkly/glitter/celebrating dreams come true and y’all DID SHE EVER.

I think I squealed for 3 straight minutes when I opened up this package and proceeded to take a billion selfies with the cutest cake toppers that ever did exist. Check it. (This also gave me reason to go to Pearl’s on Grove + Libbie and buy a cupcake decorated with confetti sprinkles so I could style these photos. Anything that gives me that kind of excuse is worth diamonds.)


IMG_0407(The next few photos are from Miss Emily herself! Girlfriend knows how to style a photo.)Spring 2015 EMILY STEFFEN SHOP 015I also think I may be ordering this topper soon. Because who doesn’t want a “happy day” cake topper. Every day should be a happy day thus giving you the excuse to eat cake every. single. day. (I’m pretty sure I am every dietician’s worst nightmare…..)
Spring 2015 EMILY STEFFEN SHOP 043So, to summarize, if you have gotten to the end of this post and a) do not have insatiable cravings for cake and b) have not visited Emily’s shop, please start from the beginning and try again because I don’t think you read the important parts like reasons to buy cupcakes and eat them every day.

We can’t wait to decorate our Celebrate Turns Two event (remember: tickets go on sale July 20th!) with these. Huge shoutout to Emily for fulfilling some of our wildest, glittery dreams and for supporting our mission to celebrate all the birthdays!