April Birthday Party

Our April birthday party was the first one of 2015 where we weren’t all bundled up or stuck inside because of yucky weather!

All photos are courtesy of Ash Carr Photography, she’s so lovely and a joy to be around!

2S2A4185We have this new addition to our birthday parties, the candy skirt. It’s proven to be quite the hit — our children love taking a break from running around on the playground for a quick sugar fix!


This girl, goodness gracious. One of the sweetest hearts I’ve ever had the privilege of interacting with. She was so earnest, gracious, and kind to all her friends. She was constantly offering her help to them when we were making birthday hats, and always willing to share her crayons and stickers. Can I be her when I grow up?


We had some special volunteers from the UVA Alumni Club of Richmond during their Cavs Cares Month. Our kids had an awesome time playing with new friends!


I’d like to introduce y’all to an extra special friend of mine. This darling girl joins us at every birthday party — not as a guest, but as a volunteer. Two years ago, I met her when she came to her November birthday party and she hasn’t missed a party yet. Her help and dedication are so helpful and I always look forward to catching up with her. Her academics are always the center of our conversation, we always have certain incentives for her to do better and work towards a gift. We are currently trying to get some B’s to A’s before the end of the school year!


This is one of my new favorite pictures of our friends from Richmond Police Department. Such a different image than what is being splashed across the media these days. This is compassion, love, and celebration. This is one of the most powerful connections we have. As always, a huge thank you to the RPD for their continued dedication to celebrate! RVA.


Happy birthday, April babies!